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Welcome to the Swati Wikipedia! If you want to help but don't speak Swati, we are still happy that you are here. Thank you for your time and collaboration; we hope you enjoy helping us.

What you can do[hlela | edit source]

  1. You can add images from Commons in those articles you think which will be of interest.
  2. You can edit articles and review their data when you see that these are obsolete.
  3. You can create articles:
    1. When you think an article from other Wikipedia could be imported to here and only would be needed little changes: you can request an import on Wikipedia:Requests for import.
    2. You can use the articles of this project as models to create other similar ones.
    3. Moreover, you can use the following forms.

How use the forms[hlela | edit source]

  1. Be sure that the article isn't created yet (List of all articles).
  2. You can obtain information in other languages.
  3. Edit the new article, typing its name in the "create box".
  4. Copy and paste the form, attending to the category your article belongs.
  5. Complete the form, fullfilling the required areas and changing the marked words.
  6. Preview first, you look is all right.
  7. Save. That's all, you will can to improve it in future editions.

Form for Category:date[hlela | edit source]


  • First see in the lateral bar Special:Specialpages if the day is a wanted page.
  • Second. If you find it is wanted, pick the links (blue) to observe the information you can add to the page when you create it.
  • IMPORTANT: Please, don´t create a page if you think it will be empty of contents.
  • If you want create the page, pick the date (red).
  • Write over the words in cursive or delete them, if you have no information, before save the page.

Additional information: the names of the months in Swati are:

{{''swati month''}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}'''. Lilanga ''day'' [[ínyangá|enyangeni]] ye[[''swati 

== Liciniso ==
* [[''year of the fact'']] - [[''In general, name of the article'']]: 
[[''person or institution or proper name, subject of the fact'']] 

== Atalwe ==
*[[''year of birthday'']] - [[''article where the person appears''|name of 
the person that birth]], [[''profession or main activity (usually you see it 
at the first sentence and in the category)'']].

== Kúfúna ==
*{{Commons|Category:''day''_''englis month''|Commons: {{PAGENAME}}}}.

[[Category:''swati month'']]

[[en:''english article'']]

Form for Category:language[hlela | edit source]


  • Write over the words in cursive or delete them, if you have no information, before save the page.
  • Replace the "x" with the right letters.

[[Image:''Spoken area map.png''|thumb|300px|''Language''.]]
'''Language''', [[lúlwîmi]], umndeni ''family of languages''.

== Tilwimi letisemtsetfweni ==
''Number of countries where is official language'' base.

== Kúkhulúma ==
''Number of persons speak this language'' bantfu khulúma ''language'' 

== ISO ==
*ISO 639-1: '''xx'''.
*ISO 639-2: '''xxx'''.
*ISO 639-3: '''xxx'''.

== Kúfúna ==
*{{Commons|Category:''English name of the language''_language|Commons: 

== Kúbópha ==


[[en:''english article'']]